MethMeth is an incredibly dangerous drug that will suck the life out of you. Meth is powerful and addictive, and those that are on it will do some incredibly outrageous things. The chemical jambalaya that is cooked quickly and cheaply does not leave much room for a casual user. Most are addicted from the first time. While there is treatment for addiction, it is incredibly hard for addicts, and many will relapse as they find how incredibly hard it is to live life without it.

Meth, The “Dirty Drug”

Meth is widely known as the “dirty drug.” The effects of Meth use are devastating. It takes very little time at all being on Methamphetamine before the dramatic changes begin to show. Those who are addicted to Methamphetamine will have poor hygiene. Their faces will begin to appear pale or splotchy. The hallucinogenic effect that the drug has will cause the person to pick at imaginary bugs under their skin causing sores and infection. These are referred to as “crank bugs.” An addict will have a massive amount of weight loss even from the beginning of their addiction as Methamphetamine binges cause a reduction of appetite. The reduced saliva output by the body will cause what is known as “Meth mouth” which is where the addict’s teeth rot out. Even the simplest of acts will cause their teeth to fall out.

Users of Methamphetamine often appear to be paranoid, jittery, and anxious. Their communication is senseless and irrational, and their speech may be impaired. The moodiness and violent outbursts can provoke suicidal or homicidal thoughts or acts. This is what can cause addicts to become such a nuisance to society. They are dangerous and irrational. Reasoning with them is nearly impossible making them a hazard to themselves and everyone around them.

Contact Addiction Rehab Center Immediately If You Or Someone You Love Is Suffering From Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is a very deadly disease. While there is no cure, there is treatment through various therapies and a change of environment and friends. A successful treatment program for Meth addiction can help an addict begin to regain control of their life. Although recovering from Methamphetamine abuse and addiction is incredibly hard and a struggle, it can be done. If you or a loved one are suffering from the demoralizing and devastating effects of addiction, we can help. A life of freedom and relief from meth addiction can begin with the decision to seek help.

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