Getting Help for Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Treatment

Recovering from drug addiction is not easy. There will be many difficulties along your path to recovery. But if you can spot the signs of substance abuse, admit you have a problem, and learn how to ask for help, you are on your way.

Signs of Substance Abuse in Yourself

There are many people who do not know that they need substance abuse treatment. This is often because of denial. But if you have ever considered that you might have an alcohol or drug abuse problem, this should be your first red flag. Other warning signs that you may have an addiction to drugs include not being able to go one week without using, depleting your financial resources in order to gain access to drugs, and letting personal and work relationships fall apart because of your need to get more drugs.

Admitting You Have a Substance Abuse Problem

Sometimes, those who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse or addiction are in denial about their problems. They refuse to admit that they have a problem in the first place, and they likely do this for many reasons.

First, it’s scary to admit that you may have a serious disease like addiction. The image of addiction that is portrayed in the media and by many individuals is frightening. You might conjure up images of people sitting out on the street with paper bags and bottles strewn around them. People are also afraid to admit they have an addiction problem because they think it might be detrimental to their position at work or in school. Finally, getting help may seem too far off. For some people, paying for rehabilitation seems impossible. They may feel that they can’t leave their families for inpatient treatment or that they won’t be able to get time off from work or school.

Even though all of these problems may seem real, admitting you have a problem is an imperative step that you will need to take in order to get better once and for all. This is the step that will lead you to substance abuse treatment and a lifetime of lasting recovery. But it certainly can be hard, and you may need some help.

Where Can You Get Support for Addiction Recovery?

When it comes to substance abuse treatment, there is no doubt that you will need help, and help can come from all over. Most people think that only friends and family members can offer real help to loved ones who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse in general. But there are many different places where you can get support for your addiction recovery such as:

  • Relatives or caretakers
  • Friends who are close to you and your family
  • Medical professionals and providers of healthcare
  • Those who are a part of your religious or spiritual community
  • Others who have had struggled with addiction in the past
  • Co-workers who you feel are close enough to help
  • Teachers or professors at school or college

Once you’ve broken through denial and begin the process of choosing a treatment program, you are that much closer to being free of addiction.

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