What Are The Real Dangers Behind Drug Abuse?

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Danger of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a problem that’s sweeping our country, and some feel that they are never going to see an end to it. While many people are mourning what has become of our nation, others are still unclear as to what the problems associated with drug abuse actually are. What are some of the real dangers?

Physical Health

Drugs can have a huge impact on a person’s physical health although the exact consequences can vary by the drug. For example, people who are taking heroin might develop deep sores that become infections on their arms where they inject the needles. Smoking marijuana on a regular basis might lead to cancer, and taking other types of drugs could cause a person to become dehydrated to the point of death. Individuals who are on drugs are putting themselves and their bodies at a major risk.

The Health and Lives of Other People

Not only are drug users putting their own health and lives at risk, but they are endangering other people as well. Consider an individual who does drugs on a regular basis and then gets behind the wheel of a car. This person could easily cause a car accident that could maim or kill innocent individuals. In addition to the stress that drug users put on the people around them, they also actually do things that could endanger the health of their loved ones.

Emotional and Psychological Health

Once again, the exact effects are going to vary depending upon the person and how the person was before all of these issues started to happen. However, certain drugs can make people have altered psychological states. They might start to become depressed, or they may display emotions that were never a part of their personalities in the past. Drugs can completely alter their minds and make them into people with evil tendencies, bad thoughts, or terrifying actions.

Losing Jobs and Educational Endeavors

You might think of drug users as people who just sit around all day and do nothing, but this is not the case at all. In fact, you’ll likely find quite a few of these individuals out in schools trying to obtain an education or working in the job force. When they take drugs, they are really ruining their chances of a successful future. Even if their teachers and bosses do not catch on to what they are doing, they simply may be unable to keep up with the work.

For Family Life

Imagine growing up in a home where one or both of the parents is constantly on drugs. This is a saddening and extremely difficult experience for any child to face. The child might go through problems at school or feel that he or she is all alone in the world. Drug abuse simply cannot be good for the family life at home, and many children feel the effects of such an environment all through their lives.

Trying “Bigger” Drugs

Some people might think that they really do not have a problem with drugs because they don’t do anything too hard. They might smoke marijuana every day or snort cocaine on a weekly basis, but they don’t think anything of this at all. Well, it can be a lot easier for them to try even harder drugs once they have mastered these. When people start going to these more hardcore drugs, the problems they experience can become even worse.

Encouraging Others to Do The Same

Along with the threats that people pose to themselves to do drugs, they might also encourage other people to do the same. Family members and friends might think that it is okay to do drugs because this person is engaging in them. Peer pressure is a powerful force, and it can be especially dangerous for young people. Even children who see their parents doing drugs might get it in their heads that it is fine to participate in such activities.

Dangers for Youths

Since youngsters have been a topic of discussion, looking at the ways in which drugs affect them is particularly important. Since their bodies are still growing, drugs can have huge physical impacts that they might not have on adults. On top of that, their entire lives can be ruined. They might get involved in the criminal transfer of drugs, which is another major problem that comes into fruition. They may also become involved with gang activity because of their drug usage. All of these issues have the ability to seriously affect someone’s life, and this becomes even more sad and frightening when the lives of youths are at sake.

Too many people do not want to believe that drug abuse is serious. They think that people are dramatic about it, but they need to take a look at what the real consequences are.

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