Prescription Drug Abuse Help

Prescription Drug Abuse Help

Prescription Drug Abuse Help

Anyone that feels as if they have developed an addiction to prescription drugs should seek out professional assistance immediately. While prescription medication is incredibly important within the field of medicine, those that develop a dependency on these chemicals could put their own health at risk while negatively impacting their daily life. Without professional assistance, these dependencies can quickly become life threatening and will negatively impact one’s career, their health, and their relationships.

Addiction to Prescription Medication

Within a short period of time, the use of any prescription medication can lead to an addiction and physical dependency. Unfortunately, many patients feel as if these drugs are relatively safe, especially in comparison to illegal narcotics, but this is untrue. When taken in the correct dosage and for a short period of time, this medication can be beneficial, but those that up their dosage or are taking the medication when they no longer medically need it will be putting their health at risk.

Any foreign substance that is taken over a long period of time will affect the ‘reward’ center of the brain. This is the center that floods the body with various chemicals that will produce feelings of elation, comfort, contentment, and happiness. When the medication stimulates this area, the body becomes acclimated to the foreign substance after each and every use. When the body stops receiving the chemicals from prescription medication these areas of the brain will immediately go into shock and produce withdrawal symptoms. This period can be very stressful on the entire body, and this is why those that are addicted to prescription medication will need to speak with a withdrawal specialist in order to make it as safe as possible.

Detoxing from Prescription Medication

Depending on the medication that is being used and the severity of the addiction, the detox period can be very stressful on the body. Those that go through this period without assistance could experience a wide range of withdrawal symptoms including:

  • Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Severe mood swings
  • Intense cravings

This period generally last for a period of 3 to 7 days and the entire body will be under quite a bit of stress. With a detox specialist, those that are breaking free of their addiction will have access to 24 hour assistance and support in a comfortable and safe environment. The individual’s vital signs will be constantly monitored in order to ensure absolute safety as their body flushes the last of the toxins out.

Creating Long-Term Changes

One of the most difficult aspects of addiction to prescription medication is the fact that some form of medication may still be needed for various medical issues. Most patients will not simply be able to detox and then move forward with their life without further assistance. Long-term changes are going to require a plan of action involving a rehab specialist and one’s primary healthcare provider. These two parties will be able to come up with alternative treatments and medication for any medical issues and explore the root causes of an addiction.

Addictions are very complex and are affected by a variety of internal and external factors. While some individuals may develop a physical dependency due to the amount of time they have been prescribed drugs, others will find themselves self-medicating, increasing their dosage, or unable to function when they are not under the influence of the medication. In order to treat this, an inpatient rehab center is often one of the most effective places to explore the root causes of the dependency and then help the individual develop the tools and skills that they need for lifelong changes.

Inpatient Treatment Centers

At these centers, those having problems with addictive behavior will have access to a variety of services. These inpatient organizations differ dramatically in terms of what services are offered as well as the living situation. Guests may be offered options such as private apartments, group eating, group living, faith-based services, single-gender facilities, holistic treatment options, exercise plans, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and much more.

No one should ever feel as if their addiction to prescription medication has gone on too long and is no longer treatable. Modern treatment options are more effective than ever and countless patients have taken that first step towards reclaiming their life and permanently breaking free from their addiction.



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