What Is A Functioning Alcoholic?

Alcoholism is not only an illness, it is a progressive illness. Since 2010, excessive alcohol use has played a role in well over 60% of preventable deaths. Although drinking excessively does not exactly make someone an alcoholic, it is usually a sign of problems to come. Once the pleasure of drinking ceases to be something done for fun and starts being something that is needed to go about enjoying life, very little can be done on the basis of willpower by itself.

 How Are Functioning Alcoholics Different?

Functioning Alcoholic

In the eyes of most people, functioning alcoholics are often seen as everyday “normal” people. They show up for work or school on time and they often possess beautiful homes and above average vehicles. More often then not, it seems like they are members of loving and happy families. They participate in extracurricular activities and are present at all the popular social events; sometimes they even show more concern for the well-being of others than they do themselves. These characteristics tend to hide these so called “heavy drinkers” from the truth. The typical thoughts that go along with the word “alcoholic” range from homeless, beggar, thief, criminal, anyone could add on to the negative list. Shameful, disturbing, and pathetic are the descriptions that commonly characterize the alcoholic. Homeowner, professional, and good Samaritan just do not seem to bring the right color to the picture.

The simple fact that usually goes unnoticed, is that functioning alcoholics can not take part in these everyday life activities without drinking. These drinkers will typically add more and more to their busy schedules in order to hide the amount of alcohol they consume. They make it to work on time daily, but how many days a week do they sneak a beer or two on their commute? They attend the popular social events and parties, but while they are there, are they drinking water, soda or alcohol? The soccer mom makes it to every one of her children’s sporting events, but if you took away the alcohol, would she have the patience with her kids to even leave the house?

 Accept The Fact That Alcoholism Is A Disease

Sometimes the biggest hurdle for a functioning alcoholic to climb is accepting the fact that alcoholism is a disease and not a social or economic status. Functioning alcoholics can often be the most dangerous. Because of their high tolerance for alcohol, they often do not realize how intoxicated they are when it is time to drive home. Getting help is not an option because that would require admitting there is a problem. The sad fact of the matter is that while people still have the ability to function and participate in everyday life, they do not see a need for change.

 Is Inpatient Treatment Possible For Functioning Alcoholics?

Not only is inpatient treatment possible, it is highly recommended. With proper planning, jobs and positions can be securely held while a person seeks help at inpatient facilities. This is often the only way to make a start at a sober life. A sufficient goal to seek a new way of living without alcohol can be reached without having to lose everything we have. If you are a functioning alcoholic, seek inpatient treatment and see how much better your life will be when activities are done as a sober individual.

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