CocaineCrack Cocaine addiction has many signs. When one is on crack cocaine, they will be very talkative and have lots of energy. They will talk about grandiose plans and unachievable projects. One will become very irritable when on crack, and can be easily angered and will sleep excessively. They will have no appetite and lose weight quickly when they are addicted to crack cocaine. Also, they don’t care about their personal grooming.

Crack Cocaine Is Instantly Addictive

Crack cocaine is cheaper than other drugs like heroin, although the high will only last a brief time so they require more drugs quickly. The first time crack is used it will hook users instantly. They will suddenly start borrowing money from friends and family or asking for cash advances from work. They could have good jobs, but they are likely to be using the money to buy crack.

Signs Of Cocaine Addiction

One sign of crack cocaine addiction is if the person is pulling away from friends and family. Crack cocaine will consume them and will cause withdrawals from the people they once cared so much about, showing no interest in work or school. You will see patterns of depression, job loss or absence that increases in frequency and duration. Paranoid behavior will be a sign because of the effects of the drug on the brain; they will become violent or even suicidal.

They can have periods where they abandon their spouse and children causing them to express an overwhelming sense of guilt. Physical appearance will also change. They can get haggard and tired looking, have nervous gestures, singed eyebrows, and burn marks on fingertips. Crack addicts often burn themselves when lighting the crack to smoke it.

Contact Addiction Rehab Center Immediately Before Crack Cocaine Addiction Takes Your Life

Stealing valuables and or money can be a sign of crack cocaine addiction. As they become more addicted, they must buy more crack to satisfy the craving which can often resort to stealing money or goods from those around them. Some long-term physical effects of cocaine can not even be felt since they are most likely internal.

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